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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  November 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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especially getting back to these parts of the country. fast money's coming up in a few moments. melissa, you need an action figure. >> i have one. no, i don't. doesn't move or nirks but it's pretty awesome. the snowstorm is going to come bearing down on the east coast, so we've got an exclusive with the ceo of generac. fast money starts now. live from the knanasdaq market site. your traders are -- we start off with breaking news on a possible twitter acquisition. speculation about what twitter may buy. we have learned twitter may be targeting shops, the justin bieber -- a source close to the company tells us twitter has engaged in talks with shots and centers around 13 to
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18-year-olds. right now, it has more than 3 million users. nearly two third of them females under 24. the number of young influences on the app like vine, stars and up and coming celebrities are part of the draw for twitter. when the cfo sent this out last night, i still think we should buy -- we need to sell him. i have a plan. of course we don't know who that him or he is. he then quickly deleted that tweet. shots was named as one of the six companies twitter may look to buy. what is most telling is the move in twitter stock, which is down by twitter stock, down by 1% or more. >> is there anyone on this desk that believes that tweet was a real error? no. right, this is a guy who came from goldman, a smart guy. got his mba from upe nrnn. a guy that ran tmt at goldman.
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he understands what makes stocks move. you think he's lying? i don't think so he's lying. you think they're going to buy someone, but i think they're testing the waters. it's not unlike when you have a new issue coming out for a balls bracket and you sort of let it out there, hey, guys. >> can i just jump on that for a second? if he were to do that, why not put on a tribe and saying we're thinking about ak wii sagss to the street? he can say that a. >> because -- >> he made a mistake and doesn't know how to use his own products. >> we're assuming they're always looking for acquisitions. he wants the sense of intent. >> whether or not this is intentional or what not, the fact of the matter, the stock moved lower for twitter. >> dick made it clear months ago that they were in the market. they've been trying to really more develop their twitter kit, this platform. they want to step outside of
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social media and use a more current base. the crash, the digits, you know, these are things that at least slowly moving the needle for these guys, this is not facebook or google. they don't have the cash flow. they did the convertible deal, but they're not going to make a market moving or a transformational acquisition here. >> i want to show you the number of acquisitions twitters made. over the past two years specifically, twitter has made something like 24 acquisitions. we got this data from bob peck at sun trust. so, each heyear, it's been increased and what has happened as the number of ak wii is sigss went up -- >> the stock price has gone done and clearly, the street doesn't believe they have the management team. maybe perhaps anthony knows different, but in the past, have not had the management capability to bring all these acquisitions in and to make money off them. what people want to hear from twitter is how we're going to make money with our current
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platform. what we have now. not necessarily going out and buying anything. how do you trade twitter here? as long as it holds $39, i think you're okay. if they do an acquisition, i think it busts thu, probably down to 36 and that's where i buy. >> i don't know if you know, but what are the total dollars of that acquisition spree they've been on. >> it's drastic. >> it's going to be more of what tim just said and what those acquisitions were. nothing that's really going to move the needle. >> wouldn't be a material -- what could they buy? >> nothing that will move the needle. but isn't that -- >> i should have said a different way. it's got to move the needle and --
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>> acquisition to date in your view. >> i clicked on nine different things that were logged out. i clicked out. i believe the metrics should change. i'm in that camp. i'm in that camp where the advertising angle is where you should be in twitter. >> even though the revenues are just as zeep stoo-- need to see transaction. having said that, 36 bucks, the stock looks to me like it's tested a lot of bad news. the acquisition doesn't need to be a what thes app or youtube or something that was a game changer for the other guys. it's a prove me stock, but you're well protected at 36. >> let's move on now. it is time to talk turkey.
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take a look at thanksgiving day sales. not black friday. the stocks you should sell tomorrow. the last trade iing day before thanksgiving. let's kick it off with tim. it's interesting, the opec me meeting on thursday. a half day of trading on friday. >> to me, one of the most extraordinary rallies is structural, but is in the transports. when i look at airlines, i think a lot of these guys have continued to remake their business. they're much more sensitive to capacity issues. lower jet fuel is something to watch here because actually, the opec meeting, market positioning is to bearish going into this meeting, i expect they will cut $500,000. the things that have gotten a huge boost get knocked down, but like in the airline sectors specifically. love southwest and jet blue. they look fairly valued. you fade ta strength, especially into uncertainty, where oil could go lier. >> for me, if you look around, what's moved in the macro space,
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it's the dollar. to me, it's looking long in the tooth, particularly against the yen. i think you've seen bit extended. that's not to say that the multiyear. and low 86, going to feed into something else. that's going to -- >> and you're going to answer, we've gotten so many twitter questions about this particular sector and what to do about black friday. >> i think black friday is merging into cyber monday, so that is one to keep in mind. but, it's been such a huge run and if you look at where the xrt. the depths of the october sell off, went from 81 and change to 94 and change this morning. that is an enormous, enormous move, so i think you've got to take some money off the table. we sold xrt today and as much i love macy's, we had to sell out
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of the money calls. we sold out of january calls. tax element to it, but i would look at december's if you're not looking to get long-term gains. it's had such a huge run, we've got to take money off the table. >> would you sell best buy going into the holiday? >> i sold some early. i sold it probably 10, 12% ago. i'm not sure. i wish i was still in the trade. i wouldn't chase it here. >> would you sell some best buy? >> december is historic a terrible month for best buy, but this is different. and i do think that best buy is going to be probably a stock of the year in 2015 because of the turn around. the same gentleman i was talking to thinks that was way early on his name, thinks best buy could be a 50 or $60 name. >> that's quite a prediction. >> the 2015 prediction. >> so early. >> out there, buddy. >> i'm way early.
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>> you're on the tape. >> i guess so. we'll see. grasso, what would you sell ahead of the holiday? >> i think the crude move was telling. about $500,000 cut. it can't be getting a lot of new quota because quota has no new bite. it's got to be a million or more bites. i think you sell a million or more. xl, clr. i know it's juxtaposed to my buy, i think you get a breather energy. >> so, stick with mrh. we have a couple of days. just wait. if you're going to sell tomorrow, if that's what this whole exercise is, i think you're selling energy, get a couple of days to the downside and buy them next week. >> as we head to break, take a look at hewlett-packard. slightly lower. down by six tenths of a percent.
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we'll bring you the latest head l lines, plus, cracks in the high-end. top and bottom lines getting hit by slower sales in asia. the stock still rallied. the details behind this move, next.
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from san francisco to silicon valley,
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a developing story. >> he reminded folks that the federal investigation into the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, is ongoing and speaking about events last night in that city and all the violence we saw on national television, eric holder really tried to put this into historical context and the legacy of the civil rights movement. take a listen. >> i would remind demonstrateor of our history. that those the way we've made progress when we've seen peaceful, nonviolent demonstrations. >> holder said that the investigation is going to be thorough, independent and really aise here.set out people for
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those individuals in ferguson who stepped in front of some of the violence demonstrators, trying to stop violence as it happened. he said those people trying to stop violence last night were the real heroes in this. >> thanks for the latest on that situation. tiffany rallying to a new high despite an earnings miss. revenue coming in slightly below consensus by a 12% drop in japan sales, but it was u.s. sales that came in strong. >> the u.s. sales were surprisingly strong and europe wasn't as bad as people feared. they had good traction of their modern t line. this stock has been on a tear for years. i feel like i've really unfortunately missed the boat here. it's not crazy expensive at this price. they've done an excellent job, but i couldn't chase it here. at a a buck 107. ipg you've got to wait and hope you get a better chance to enter, but i think north america strength is interesting. i think it's unique to them. >> i was thinking will we see
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the weakness in japan because they specifically cited the inkre increase in the consumption tax that took place april 1st or something like that. >> scrapping of the consumption tax going forward is going to be a tail wind. i think asia was week, but americas were fantastic. tiff any to me, you stay in global luxury continues to go higher. these guy guys are on top. >> i would short sotheby's on this. you want to be short. >> hbo looking to expand its audience in china. signing an agreement to -- such shows that will include "game of throne thrones", board walk empire and the "newsroom." >> he talked about how powerful this distribution is.
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it's one of the -- portal gaming and also some retail and i think this is a very important point. 83% in the growth video market in china, it's still a small market. and this is something everyone needs to watch because a lot of these guys have cash. i don't think it's right here. although i think that content will be paid for. >> of what? >> well, buying content. >> going to spend a billion dollars on content. >> absolutely. i think there's a lot of money to be thrown at having real content. put these guys on the map and be a real global player. >> and talking about having a lot content, now, there's so much more competition to get this content, not only that, but had a monoly.
5:17 pm
over the last -- >> 11 bucks from 28. >> this has to do with the copy wright royalty board. if it's going to cost them more, it's going to directly be impactful to pandora. this is a stock that i had thought could be a target for google. google has been in this area already. has a vested interest in being in that area, but if this is going to be b going forward that their content costs will rise, it's definitely going to crimp the price of pandora. >> got an earnings alert here in tevo. >> here's a look -- >> shares down by about a percent now. that was a penny shy of estimates. revenues were just about in line with general lawsuit expectations. currently, shares of tevo, off
5:18 pm
their session lows, but still down by over a per sents in the after market trade. >> shares right now, the trade has picked up. back over to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, we are bracing for a storm here on the east coast. cato is storm's name. it will bring heavy snow, wind and rain to the mid-atlantic on the busiest travel day of the year, but one company is placing big bets on the hat. plus, the latest headlines from meg whitman. stay tuned. i'm only in my 60's.
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latest. >> hp's conference call just taking off here. obviously, a lot of focus and attention to split into it. take a listen to what meg whitman had to say about that decision. >> we plan to separate hp into two new market leading independent, publicly traded communities. hewlett-packard enterprise will lead for the new style of i.t. hp ink will be the leading personal systems and printing company that will allow people to print, create, interact like never before. both will have compelling information road maps, sharpened strategic focused and teams and both will be well positioned to compete and win. >> a good question whether that split really addresses the core issues, face these heavy
5:23 pm
structural head winds. this call really now just getting underway. we'll bring you headlines as they cross. >> thanks for that. for more, let's bring in amit, he joins us on the fast line. great to have yu with us. the slow down this growth really underscores hp's core problem, which does not seem to be solved by splitting up the company. that map doesn't seem to work out. revenue growth. does it get faster if you split the company in two? >> it wouldn't appear it would get fast e. part of the challenge, the revenues are slowly declining, what's worse if you take pc's out, which was up 4%, every other segment is going to be down 4 and 7%. the question is split or not split. as a cyclical and pcs go away next year, how does hp get the growth? in the midst of this, it's this the process of going through the split and what sort of
5:24 pm
opportunity that might provide competitors and while these may not be publicly traded competitors like a dell, does hp risk losing competitors? >> you have two levels of iss issues. dell has been very aggressive on the markets side with trying to take advantage of the hp issues. i think lenovo with the server asset will be b on the dynamic. let hp have the share loss issues they have in the couple of years when they try to do the same process. i think the issues will be muted, but you have to worry that it happens again. >> with dwrout being a concern, where should this stock trade on a multiple bases? at 11 times next year's numbers, this is a $45 stock roughly. is? you could probably trade at a higher multiple to peers. that's really what it comes down to now. >> absolutely right. but you could look at the p as well.
5:25 pm
on the revenue declines, accelerate next year, if that happens, i'm not sure how you give it a higher multiple. not to mention they make a lot of free pcs and that will start to disappear as pcs decline. >> why can't the growth be with 3 d printing since every other start up can't scale the way hewlett-packard can, why can't that be the growth going forward and if the tail subsides in the pc business, maybe the enterprise group picks up for the other side of the equation. >> yeah, on the 3d side, it could help them. but the start wouldn't be out until 2016, so nothing happens next year. even if it does, the printing industry is about 200 million in
5:26 pm
venu just wouldn't be enough to move the needle. i agree with the second point. i think the question you have to talk about on the call is what segments or popular business would grow to help off set the pc declines. >> what will it be in your view or is there one that will? >> i would imagine printing. could start to do better for them. i think that could be a potential upside level for them. enterprise parts of the service have a potential to improve, so i would say those two will be more likely candidates. >> we're going to leave it there. appreciate it. what do we do here with hp? to your point, the one growth driver that was 3d printing. >> i don't think it has to be 3d printing. the kd be printing, he was able to agree on that. the biggest catalyst has been this last leg up. has been splitting the company in two.
5:27 pm
>> so, now what? >> i think at this point, you've got to lock in profits. >> i think if you are there for the split, people want to own different things, that's not going to happen for probably at least nine months. so, and so many other things could happen before that. if that's your catalyst, i would wait. >> you know what? instead of intel, i'd like toward microsoft. >> instead of hp. >> i would start selling microsoft. with the pc cycle turning around, there's not many more catalys catalysts. >> you know, i think the things that you weren't catalysts aren't going to be catalysts and take the stock higher. thai going to be a well run company. cost focused. they're going to pay decent difs. it's cash flow generative. buying back more stock. the split is going to be a catalyst out there for investors. >> after this run, you would still hold on to it through the spl split? >> if you ask me if i'm going to hold on, i agree with what karen says. you never agree. if you're telling me now is
5:28 pm
there a reason to hold on, absolutely. >> all right. david faber will have an interview with meg whitman, tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. on skauk on the street. a look at what could be the next stock for the tech titan ahead. plus, gearing up for the mid-atlantic's looming winter storm. the ceo of generac. that's next. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] your love for trading never stops, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 even on the go.
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one trader's placing big bets on the stock. but first, we kick it off with the rough winter weather. the people of western new york still recovering from the massive early season storm that dumped seven feet of snow and now, winter storm cato is threatening to complicate holiday travel plans for millions.
5:32 pm
one company that could benefit is genera. joining us for a first on cnbc is the ceo and president of genera. great to speak to you again. >> thanks for having me on. >> has it gotten bad enough for you to see more demand for generators? there's just a lack of storm activity in the quarter. >> we have the winter storm season and the summer. i'm not a meteorologist, but for whatever reason, we didn't have the kind of weather that would produce outages or the kinds of situations that would produce outages and that led to as you indicated, a softer third quarter for us. the second part of the year for us is this winter storm season. so, ice storm, winter storms, things like that that really do drive demand for our products. obviously, we're watching what the ooents are going to transpire in the northeast. the northeast has been hit a lot with outages over the last two
5:33 pm
years, so it's been a good market for us. >> leading up to a storm like we're going to see tomorrow, does it send more out to the home depots and lowe's? we've got an independent dealer channel and wholesale that deals with the permanently installed products. we start getting product positions ahead of the storm and a will the of times, it's amazing the retailers have just you know, tremendous capabilities when it comes to positioning products ahead of storms and you know, they'll start looking at bringing in product here yesterday, today and some tomorrow and kind of reposition according to where the track of the storm is. >> to strengthen in the portable generator market, you've got the brands. will you see that sort of traction in a storm like this? >> those brands that we acquired are generally more for the dewalt is going to be position
5:34 pm
ed more towards the contractor. that's a more every day job, but we use the generac brand quoit a bit to position in different retailers ahead of these events. >> in the commercial side of the business, i know that's not necessarily what you think of because 52% of your sales are for residential generators, but in the third quarter, the telecom spin was light. you provide for cell towers for instance, with this sort of storm, to you see the commercial side? >> we general le see it, but after the storm. the telecoms are different because you know, they, the return is is tied to the loss revenue when they're not passing data across their networks and obviously, there's a lot of concern around the critical nature of first responder calls and things that go across wider networks today. they pulled back on ca
5:35 pm
cap ex spending. we'll see if that continues into next year, but the telecom space is a great space. there are few cell towers out there, when you have a generator, about 30% have generators. we've got the line share of the market. the commercial market will respond. generally, in a slower fashion, if you will, after a major event. zblz. >> iron, it's steve grasso. so, you guys were have benefitted for the last two years, so you have tough comps, but when you look at the stock that's appreciated 146% or there about since that original superstorm, is there a way to move the needle if we can't get those storms going forbackyard? do you service units? >> it's a great question, steve, and one that we, poor strategy here would be to sit arpd and watch a weather program to try and figure out what the next leg
5:36 pm
up in demand is going to be. we're really focused on being proactive and trying to find the likely buyer frs these systems in the market. you look at our residential products. only 3% of products have a permanently installed residential generator. i don't know there are a lot of companies that could say 97% of u.s. households are the major concern for them. with the power grid ageing, the investment in the grid and that's been great for us as consumers in terms of just keeping rate flow, but the long-term investment cycle hasn't happened over the last couple of decades and we clearly see that playing out in more outages every year. now, that's going to come quarter to quarter, maybe a little choppy, but the long-term play is wra what we're after. >> again, as you mentioned, a longer time span, but if you look at the past year, year to
5:37 pm
date, it's down 23%. >> you have that backlog of people that didn't want to pull the trigger and buy a generator. i own one. you sleep better, but the truth is, i go to an electrician to get it serviced, so if they could figure out a way instead of making 97% of the united states their clients, take advantage of those sold, that would be an amazing angle for them. >> i like this stock when back in 2012, 2013, they were getting tremendous traction. it's trading the weather unfortunately. the one thing, actually, down here in the 40s, it's probably not a bad buy. the one thing i would caution, you mentioned that 97% of the households are customers. item not sure that's accurate. not everybody's a baller like steve and these cost a lot of money to put in, so not every household in the u.s. could buy a $20,000 generator. >> when are they on sale? >> i'm not afraid to pick up my dewalt drill or socket wrench and go to town here. i look at this stock and what's
5:38 pm
going on with home improvement. >> what does it have to do -- >> just wanted to say that. i agree, 42 to 44 bucks, the stock's realized the bottom. i think you take a shot. >> breaking news here. carl icahn has made a filing. >> we know he's active in the stock. he had an 8.7 stake in the company. prior to this filing today. that was 38.8 million shares. now, he has upped that stake again. upped that stake to about 49.3 million shares. that now represents about a 10.8% stake in hertz global. at current market rates, you're talk i talking about stake that's probably worth and $1.24 billion in hertz at current market rates. that's a 49.3 million share stake in the company, so again, he had a large stake. was the largest shareholder in hertz before this, now, takes the stake even higher to about
5:39 pm
10.8% of shares outstanding in hertz. >> it's an encouraging sign if you're long hertz. when he bought the stock, yesterday and today, between 24-34 and 34-92. you're kind of going along with carl right here. you had the ceo, the new ceo, putting up $2 million of his own money to buy stock. that's a nice endorsement. maybe to him. i don't know how much money that is, but now though, he's got his work cut out for him. they need, they have need some restructuring. but sounds like carl's going to be here. >> 1.5 is the gain so far. so even beyond a new ceo after a restructuring effort, there is more upside. >> i think so. in the short-term though, he's got some work to do, but in the longer term, you've got an industry that is consolidated
5:40 pm
and a real opportunity for some big price moves. >> sounds like you're intere interestiinteres interested. >> i am. garming got o drop. >> hiking segment was noted, but i think they're gting into that athletic band like the fitbit. i think you could still be a buyer, especially into christmas. >> this is a company i think you should look at because they finally started to monotize major investments in the second half of 2015. you see operating margins grow again. growing again, a lot of guys in the street really like the stock. it's a prove me stock, which they just started to do today. >> a drop, down 2%. >> continues to fall here. obviously, the hp built in, one of the biggest produce rs out there. down from 74. i think the it's a tough short here. if you want to play the short iron or trade, i think you can trade australian doll already,
5:41 pm
fxa. >> and a pop for main attractions. the originally cowardly lion costume, over $3 million last night in new york, made from real lion skins. the suit was worn by the lion himself in the 1939 mgm classic. from trashy to treasure, the costume was first salvage ed fr the old lot in the 1970s. >> that was bk's nickname in high school. >> 2.8 million, you can have my bear suit. >> i bet it smells better than that thing, too. >> i wouldn't count on it. >> apple, $700 billion market cap for the first time this morning before retreating. we'll talk about his latest call. that's next. location. location. (shouting) location. here's the location that matters the most. here. or here. or here. it's wherever this is. to get customers to come here and stay here, you're going to need an app that connects to all your systems.
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(singing) four calling birds...three french hens ...(the guys starts to fizzle out) two... turtle...doves... i really went for it there ya you did ... you really, really did now get 3 gigs of data on one line for $65 a month. switch to at&t, buy a new smartphone and get $150 credit per line. apple hitting a key milestone today breaking above $700 being in market cap. let's bring in andrew who just raised his target on the stock to 130 from 1$115 a share. great to have you. i feel like a lot of believe that once the iphones are
5:45 pm
released, that's it. what else is there in the pipeline? >> it's, you're right. they are just released, but i think this one's quot a lot of legs. the penetration rate is going to go very deep. they'll get share gains against android on the higher end, well into 2015, 2016. we think these smart phone markets no longer compete on features. apple's got the most convenient, easiest way to interact on the interface, the easiest way to share across products. especially as you open up to home pay and health kit. >> is your recommendation based op the hope of a pe multiple upgrade or come from an earnings side? >> i think there's more upside to the numbers. i think people are underestimating the -- next big cycle. offline here, the gap between the 6 and 5s the very wide. the product gap in the fall, we
5:46 pm
think it will shrink to the 6 and 6s. i think that open os up a new segment of the market for those guys. >> is, if the crux is the ecosystem, is there a multiplier that you have in your mind or model where you sell a 6 or 6 plus and that means this much more in incremental revenues because of that ecosystem? >> take things like apple pay, the watch, are going to be too small at this time to really move the needle, but i think we will get there. >> we were talking before we came back after the i watch and how that might hurt garmin. they have the sport watches where the apple watch seems to me to be more of a fashion type of thing. do you think there's something else coming out? >> it could be a cross over. we did a big study. about 60% of hard core runner, folks who run at least 20 minutes a week, at least 60% of those run with their phone.
5:47 pm
the majority were for music. we believe because of the ecosystem, that group could go with the i watch could hurt the running watch sales. on the flip side, i think garmen's got a great user base to grow their fit, which will not be affected by the i watch. >> talk about china. one of these things people seem to be throwing darts. what you hit is very important in terms of the sp market. we know that don't want to compete with the low end of china. i thought that was a big mistake. where are they on the high-end of china? where will china surprise? >> we view china as a risk because we believe ecosystem matters. there are some great brands in china. they've been both high and low end. i think apple will be fine. more interested in opening up on
5:48 pm
those types of partnerships, but to us, it's a medium term risk because when we talked to a lot of chinese consumers, they seem to take pride in their mainland producers. >> yep. thank you for coming by. >> thank you. >> grasso, what's your trade? >> i'm still long the name. a lot of people get spooked out of the name, par level or parten. i think you're going the see this growth area in the iphone 6, but you're going to see those other models, too. when you're getting your child a phone, you're not going to get them a iphone 6. i think as long as the market cap story doesn't get a lot of legs because that scares a lot of people for whatever reason. i think you're okay to go higher on apple. >> we've been long for a little while. this is one of the most difficult parts i think of portfolio management. when to sell something.
5:49 pm
kind of stuck on this one. i don't know. >> you asked a really good question i think a lot of investors are wandering. what's the multil. come from the e or p. >> because i do not like to believe in a pe readjustment, so but if he thinks it comes from the e side, then it's probably a hold. >> and i actually think it can rerate. i think it can rate somewhere to where it was five or six years ago. it should not have been trading back to the eight or nine times. the ecosystem to me is worth a lot more. if you look at peers in that space, that's where the multiples should come from. i stayed long the name and nervous. >> shares of lulu lemon, up about 70% this month and one trader is betting it's got more room to run. straight ahead.
5:50 pm
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this is the pursuit of perfection.
5:52 pm
shares of lululemon stretching today. more room to run. >> we saw three times the average daily options volume and almost all of that was attributable to the january call
5:53 pm
spread which was purchased several thousand times for about $2.10. we get a good sense of where the trader might think the stock is going because it has to be above that lower $50 strike price by how much they pay. in this case, above 52.10, but also, they don't think those gains are going to extend much above the strike, so they're argumenting about a 6 to 18% move between now and january expirations, so looking for more upside there. >> bk, you had, you had some sort of crazy chart on this before. >> it was the down facing dollar -- >> debt. >> it was -- >> any way. >> but if you look at the stock here, really 58 bucks, which takes you back to the january level where it dropped off is where the stock has to trade up to. before then, it looks like it's tough sledding or stretching. >> every friday at 5:30 except
5:54 pm
for this week. t a hol kay. you tweet and we trade it. this one's for grasso. pay attention. what do i do with home depot with the hacker scam? hold or sell? >> it's up. you know i'm long this this sort of area. i'm looking for that catch up trade. if interest rating are going to stay lower for longer, i think kbh is going to perform. it's been performing off the bottom dramatically. >> karen, besides macy's, is there any other retail stock you've got a warm, fuzzy feeling for? >> that's a good question. we like finish line. and we do like children's place, although they've had a really big run. i like finish line home rmore. >> do you think it will keep going or drop? >> slow climb to drop is a pret thety big transition. if you look at the stock,
5:55 pm
there's probably room to head up to the old highs around 84. we talked about media and content on this show. if you look at a disney, hbo, there are places these guys could trade higher, too. i don't think you want to chase it much past 84, so make that be your stop. sell out there. >> bk, palo alto networks. >> it's been a monster. so, i don't think you buy it up here, but if you're in it, you certainly hold it. i don't think it's time to get out of it. what i would do, it's trading 119, 120 today, i'd go down to 115. breaks through that, i'd sell it and trail it up every $2 and peel out of it. >> coming up on mad money, could haines celestial give you a reason to head up? we come right back, stay tuned.
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5:58 pm
we've learned that carl i
5:59 pm
can has increased the stake and we were just saying that -- >> they're beginning to have some serious weight. i guess they have in the choice of a ceo. >> so, hertz, htz, up 2% on that news. time for the final trade. >> position yourself to the final trade and protection yourself at 42 and get long. i think there's significant oversold conditions in oil, but the names, i would take a shot at. >> i still like gold. especially in f you get a dollar selloff like i talked about at the top of the show. >> karen. >> long-term, bullish on the u.s. consumer, but this run has been so strong, i think you've got to sell some xrt and macy's calls. >> grasso. >> kb home. down about 2 or 3% year the date. this one off the bottom from
6:00 pm
about 27%. i am still in the name. a lot more room for the rupp side. i am off tomorrow night. happy thanksgiving, turkey day. >> gobble gobble to everybody. safe travels in the snow tomorrow. i'm melissa my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. my job is not to entertain you, but educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or, of course, tweet me @jimcramer. so that's why we rallied. that was my reaction to this mog'


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